Sunday, April 29, 2012

Understanding Different Aspects of Early Childhood Education

A child can start learning almost immediately after they are born. They learn that crying will get them held, changed, or fed; they learn that they sleep better when they are in mommy's or daddy's arms. These behaviors are learned and they are a part of early childhood education. It is important to teach your child different things at different stages in their life.
When a child is under the age of one, he or she will go through many changes quickly. These changes include turning over from side to side, reaching for things, holding things, recognizing different shapes, colors, and sizes. They also learn how to crawl, pull up, and eventually stand up and walk.
When a child is placed in day care it is important that this time is spent learning for your child. He or she does not need to learn 24/7 but the activities offered at day care should be positive activities that increase the ability to learn and comprehend. education is just by reading but any experience that helps the child learn is one of the building block in his or her education. Travel, play, learning from parents behavior patterns is also education which impacts the personality and emotional development of the children.
When a child comes home in the evenings and over the weekends, the learning activities need to be enforced so they can be learned more quickly and efficiently. If an activity is not taught to the child all the time they may not be able to hold on to the concepts as easily and this can affect the way that the child develops mentally.
Early childhood education doesn't require that the child sit behind a desk all day in a classroom setting. A child can learn anywhere and at any time. For example, riding in the car, a child can learn to count. You and your child can spot animals in the field or cars going by. You can carry a DVD player with some of the most popular education shows for him or her to watch. When you stop, teach your child the many colors that are around you and no matter where you are the trees are always green, yellow, orange, red, or brown and the sky is always blue or gray.
Once a child is old enough to go to school, you will feel good in the fact that you helped your child to prepare for this time. You created a positive way for your child to learn and he or she has absorbed every bit of it. At night, you and your child can keep a diary of all the things you learned along the way and decide which activity was the most helpful and which was the least. Document the amount of time it took your child to learn something and how has it impacted them in life.

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