Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Most Popular Educational Product Types By Jo Lim

An educational product a device or object that can help a student learn something or help a teacher become an effective educator on a particular subject matter. It spans a wide area of academic fields, subjects, pedagogy, student academic levels, attitudes and behavior. There are products made specifically for the teacher, products made specifically for the student and products designed for both of them.
The most common example of a product that is educational can be seen in teaching aids. Teaching aids in essence are things that help the teacher convey a certain subject matter as efficiently as they can. Teaching aids range from pictures regarding certain botanical plants, maps that showcase the geography of a particular continent, videos that graphically represent mathematical concepts via interesting animations and even actual demo devices that present an example of natural physical laws. These products are developed by manufacturers with the help of experienced teachers. This ensures that the resulting products are educational as well as relevant in the modern educational environment.
Students nowadays are luckier compared to their counterparts in the generation preceding theirs. Modern students have the ultimate educational aid, a computer with an internet connection. With a computer and an internet connection, you can access a large library of content online to help you understand a subject, a concept, a principle efficiently and in the shortest amount of time possible. There is also specially developed software that can showcase efficiently a particular subject matter. For example, a projectile application can help students understand the physics of a freely falling body by using a graphical representation of how a projectile flies depending on the set launching force. Graphical representations teach better than compared to just numbers on the board and the teacher's narrative powers and skill of description.
Calculators are also educational products. If a student understands the concept of basic arithmetic, they can use calculators to save a significant amount of time performing summations in a statistic subject. Instead of doing the additions by hand, you can do it in the calculator effectively helping you understand and learn a statistic principle instead of dwelling on doing arithmetic. Aside from calculators, there are also models, charts, experiments and even special books and albums that can help students learn various subjects.
One of the most popular educational product for both teachers and students is the educational video. A well crafted video can grab the viewer's attention and keep it all throughout the course of the video and teach a particular subject matter to the viewer. A video is an aural and visual experience and modern students respond very well to this. A video that shows the hydrologic cycle by showing how water evaporates from seas and rivers, condenses into clouds and effectively falling down as rain is more effective than a teacher drawing figures on the board and trying to describe it.

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