Wednesday, June 20, 2012

3 Exhibitions for Education and Learning in Europe

Europe, which is known for the emphasis it places on the development of the education sector, hosts several exhibitions related to learning and education. The following are three popular education fairs and exhibitions held in key cities of Europe.
1. International Education Fair, France - The World Educate Business Association (WEBA) organises the International Education Fair, one of the most prominent exhibitions for training and education in France. This education exhibition aims to provide a platform for people seeking and offering services related to education and training. A wide range of colleges, universities, institutions, computer schools,, business schools, career guidance centre's, hotel management institutes, schools of fine arts and student publications participate in this exhibition and reach out to people seeking fresh educational opportunities. The trade show, which is held in Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, is ideal for students hunting for special courses, academic programs, or training.
2. The Language Show, England - The Language Show, which is held in the Olympia Exhibition Centre in London, England, is the Britain's premier education and training consumer exhibition for learners and teachers of languages and for all those who are interested in the study of languages. The exhibition displays several learning methodologies such as evening classes, distance education, CDs, software, self-study programs, tapes, TV and video courses, overseas property and multimedia courses. The event presents a great opportunity for language learners and teachers to get motivated learn new things and meet new people.
3. ABCD Italian Education Show - The ABCD Italian Education Show is meant exclusively for those in the education sector such as school executives, teachers, trainers, students and educators. The event showcases the best educational services and products such as school hardware, e-learning, traditional teaching methodologies and books. The event has already completed seven successful editions.
4. Access MBA Series - The MBA series is an exhibition which travels top a number of major cities throughout the year and includes shows in the likes of Dubai, Paris and Riyadh. Many of the worlds top MBA programmes and schools are represented.
5. Education and Careers Expo - This Hong Kong show which takes place annually is a key show for those interested in education in the Asian region. Taking place in the HK Exhibition and Conference Centre, this show attracts many key Hong Kong companies in addition to several companies worldwide including from the U.S and from across Europe.

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